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‘Christian Cultural Sites’ project

The official name of the project is Cultural Sites Related to Christian History in the Nagasaki Region. This project develops a network among churches, sacred sites, villages, castle sites, folk cultures and events, performing arts, relevant materials and facilities housing such materials, all of which are related with the Christian history in the Nagasaki region. This project covers all the municipalities of Nagasaki Prefecture, as well as Amakusa City, Kamiamakusa City and Reihoku Town of Kumamoto Prefecture.

This project is aimed at protecting the cultural properties collectively and invigorating the large region as a whole, by branding the historical features of the region based on the value as world heritage. We continue striving to register many more Christian cultural sites in our project and to network them.

‘Orasho Kokorotabi (Oratio-heart's journey)’ website

For information of the ‘Christian Cultural Sites’ project, please refer to the website ‘Orasho Kokorotabi’.